101 Best Halloween Living Room Decor Ideas That You Can Try

Best Halloween Living Room Decor Ideas That You Can Try 25

Fancy a night in with a bloke boasting a bolt through his head? What about the following evening with a lady sporting a fearsome set of fangs?

It’s easy to host your own horror Hell nowadays thanks to some fantastic and fearsome Halloween outfits around. But it’s not just the fancy dress costumes that make the evening eventful.

It’s also possible to appear to sip globules of blood from a glass or sadistically saw through the odd limb or two thanks to a wonderful array of gimmicks you can buy online or at your local fancy dress costume shop where you are sure to get a great gory Costume for Halloween.

Recreate the infamous Count Dracula in all his gruesome glory and have your guests massaging their necks with fear. Bram Stroker’s infamous character who landed in Whitby in 1987 is probably the most notorious of horror merchants. Those piercing, hypnotic eyes, striking masculine good looks and let’s face it – teeth that are sharper than a cheese cutter (well, they’d have to be to make their mark on white, virgin, female flesh) – are enough to make females faint in anticipation of a kiss to remember for eternity. Well, there’s a lot at stake…

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