101 Perfect Fireplace Makeover Ideas For This Winter

Perfect Fireplace Makeover Ideas For This Winter 03

Fireplaces have been around throughout the millenniums and over time they have evolved from crude constructions that barely worked to modern day masterpieces that can leave you breathless. All around the world fireplaces are practically a part of every culture except for areas in the most tropic zones; fireplaces are a fixture for the needs they serve and for their aesthetic appeal also.

And even in tropical areas fireplaces are used for cooking and sometimes heating too.However, throughout the United States where central heating and cooling systems are the norm, and where heat furnaces have been a mainstay for many decades; fireplaces are viewed more as a luxury than a necessity.

Many newly built homes that have a steep price tag usually comes complete with a fireplace and in many cases two and even three fireplaces to boot. And upscale apartments, townhouses and condominiums also come equipped with a working fireplace no less. But rarely do you see lower priced units that have a fireplace in it. Generally speaking, lower cost structures come equipped with a central and heating system that controls the temperature. My point is this: fireplaces in this day and time in the United States are more of a luxury than a necessity.

But if you happen to have one and its appearance is old and less than charming, you really do have an option. Here’s what we did to revive an old outdated fireplace in a condominium to give it a beautiful and elegant look.

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