101 Unique DIY Hanging Towel Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom

Unique DIY Hanging Towel Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom 18

There is almost nothing worse than taking a nice hot shower only to step out, grab your towel and it’s still cold and damp from the other day. You can’t believe it, thinking that it had 24 hours to dry on the hook behind the door. How could it still be wet?

Well, if you’ve ever stayed in a halfway decent hotel then you’ve undoubtedly noticed that all their towels are neatly folded on a lovely hanging towel rack. Not only do these wonderful racks allow you to store clean towels, but they usually have one or more bars that you can drape your damp towel over so that it can dry properly.

One of the main reasons a towel won’t dry overnight is that the area lacks circulation. The air can’t flow through it or around it easily. This is particularly true if you’re hanging your towel over the top of a glass shower or using hooks on the back of the door. The towels can’t help but be clumped together and some of the surface just can’t dry sufficiently in time.

Hanging towel racks solve this problem, of course. The towels can be hung flat, allowing a lot of air to circulate, drying your towel in no time at all.

But what if you have more than one person using the bathroom? Obviously a single bar rack won’t do. You need hanging towel racks that have several bars. If this is the case in your home, know that you have a lot of choices. You can go with a simple wall mount model with one or two shelves and one or more bars for hanging wet towels. Or you can go with more elaborate models that have extra storage, such as a doored unit on the top that holds soap, toiletries and an extra supply of hand towels and wash cloths.

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