Fancy Bathroom Design Ideas With A Small Tubs 21
Fancy Bathroom Design Ideas With A Small Tubs 21

101 Fancy Bathroom Design Ideas With A Small Tubs

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If you have a small bathroom and you worry that a standard-sized bathtub will not fit inside, then you should not worry because there are small tubs in the market that you can buy to maximize space. These tubs are the answer to the problem of households on bathrooms with limited spaces for installing a regular size tub. The advancement in home improvement industry has made these space-saving tubs as comfortable and functional as their regular-sized counterparts.

A small bathtub measures approximately forty eight inches. This fixture is available in different materials, shapes and sizes, hence, you are sure to find a certain model that will utterly complement your bathroom theme and d├ęcor. That being said, those following a particular bathroom motif will not have to worry about matching their new tub to their existing decor.

The idea of this kind of tub originates from Japanese soaking tubs, which were created in homes with limited bathroom space. These soaking tubs measured relatively small compared to the standard tubs, but the user could still submerge his/her whole body in it because of its depth.

If you are undecided on what type of tub to buy, you may want to consider a claw foot or a corner small tub. A claw foot small tub is a variation of a typical claw foot bathtub. This tub is free standing and is deep enough for full body submersion. This tub also features feet designed like a foot or claw. It is a decorative tub that can add elegance in your bathroom. Some models have one end that is elevated to provide a lounging space for the bather.

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