101 Lovely Christmas Dorm Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Lovely Christmas Dorm Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget 01

It’s an exciting time, leaving home for the first time and moving into dorm accommodation, either on your own or shared with another person. Naturally you are going to want to personalize your room so that it reflects your own personality and becomes a comfortable retreat. Before you get started you do need to check on what is allowed and what isn’t, as some authorities allow you to decorate the walls and, with others, it is frowned upon.

It’s always best to check beforehand. Permission granted, however, and you have a blank canvas to put into practice with lots of dorm room decorating ideas. What are you going to do to liven up your living quarters? Clearly you don’t want to follow the traditional patterns that may be your parents’ choices. You are young, free and, presumably, single: you want to have fun so you need to have a room that reflects your aspirations – and those of your room mate if you have one.

Cheerful, bright and colorful accessories can pick out one of the main colors from your wall or, taking your dorm room decorating ideas a step further, you could re-paint your walls in snazzy bright colors and tone in contrasting accessories to finish the decorating theme. Would your college authorities allow you to use nails to hold items up on the walls? Would you be allowed to use blue-tack or other adhesives, put screws in walls and put up shelves or other brackets? Obviously, if permission is granted then you can go ahead with all your dorm room decorating ideas and put up neat shelving to hold your books and all the other clutter that accumulates.

Make use of tiny lights that can be attached to the undersides of shelves, some of which run on batteries. Try using strings of fairy lights – the kind that you use on Christmas trees. These always look good draped over shelves and around window recesses. For additional lighting small table lamps and the various models based on the angle poise lamp designs fit perfectly into any dorm room decorating ideas.

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