101 Simple Ways To Make Bedroom Warm For This Winter

Simple Ways To Make Bedroom Warm For This Winter 30

It may be cold outside but inside you want it to be warm and cosy, what worked in summer, can leave a bedroom feeling a touch on the chilly side. Transforming your home from summer living to a winter hibernation zone is easy and affordable. The best place to start is with the bedroom furniture.

Now don’t worry, this is not suggesting you will need to change all your bedroom furniture for dark woods or to hide the gloss on wardrobes, it’s about adapting your furniture and decor to fit in with the season. Plus it can be done in an economical and dare to say it, a frugal way.

One of the first places to start is with bed linen, in summer crisp whites and pastel colours help give the sense of a cool room, where you can escape the heat of the sun and chill on crisp bed linen. In winter, the last thing anyone wants is this feeling, winter is all about feeling warm and cosy, your bedroom should be a place where you can snuggle and ignore the wintry weather outside.

The ideal colours for a bedroom in winter is deep autumnal shades such as plums and purples, if you are unsure about these strong colours you can also opt for rich taupe and warm beiges. Imagine cookies coming out a hot oven and you’ll see neutrals needn’t be boring they can be rich and inviting and can give depth to a cold interior.

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