101 Wonderful Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room Design

Wonderful Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room Design 33

There is nothing grander than the sound of scampering feet running down the hallway, screaming with smiles as they appear around the corner. The reflection of the glimmering lights and wrapped up toys in their wide eyes as they rush over to inspect the many wonders under the tree and around the room.

The rustling papers as they tear open the beautiful wrapped presents with bows and ribbons. The screams of enjoyment as they admire their gift, only to dive back under the tree to look for that next one with their name on it. The magic that fills the room as you hear over and over “Thank you Santa!” This is another one of many reasons why I look forward to that one month in the year called December.

Now it was almost Christmas and almost time for a few days off. We weren’t going far this time. The plan was to head out and visit Ellie’s family for a few days before Christmas and to complete some paperwork before the holidays. This I loved to do, for we would get points on our credit card which would pay for three nights at the Westin Hotel at the Bear Mountain Resort. I would sit in the hot tub with my computer plugged in, sitting on a chair and with a wireless keyboard, mouse I would do paperwork for five hours every morning while Ellie and the girls slept. I would order breakfast, coffee and spend my time finishing up work.

Then in the afternoons, we would all go down town to the many wonderful Christmas theme landscapes. Ellie’s family home was the one place we always loved and made sure that we would visit at least a few times a year for they were always happy to see how fast the girls were growing, and hear about our holidays and success. The kids would drink eggnog while the parents had a little something extra with there’s for the cheer. We would feast on cookies, nuts, chocolates and any other good treat that was brought by while laughing about each others story’s over the year.

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