101 Most Inspiring Indoor Playhouses Ideas For Your Kids

Children’s bedrooms are ideal for a playhouse castle or any other form of indoors kids playhouses, and offer the benefits of playhouses to children that live in apartments and condos with no garden or yard where they can have an outdoor playhouse. Although it might appear to be difficult to persuade your child that the playhouse is in a different environment to his or her own home, it’s amazing what a little imagination can do!

First, find yourself an old lamp and a candle bulb. Place the lamp shade over the bulb so that it sticks out through the middle of the shade and hey presto – you have just made an indoor campfire. You can make it even more realistic by popping popcorn over the stove and tell some ghost stories, or if that scares the kids, read some stories from a story book. Grimm’s Fairy tales or something like that. You can play games such as I Spy or cards, and the kids are sure to have a few ideas.

The Princess’s Indoor Castle
What young girl doesn’t dream of being a princess and meeting her Prince Charming? Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are two of the most famous fairy tales of all times, and if you want a happy little girl then you won’t be able to make her a genuine golden diamond tiara, but you can convert her bedroom into her very own palace.

You can include a playhouse castle tent, and you can even use her bed to make a castle tent that can hold several children at play. In fact, if your daughter’s bedroom is big enough, you can build a permanent castle that doesn’t have to be taken down at bed-time. She can even be allowed to sleep in it as special treat for good behaviour.

101 Lovely Blue Bathroom Ideas That Bright And More Spacious

First and also most importantly, think about exactly what mood or tone you’d like your bathroom to convey. The bathroom paint colors that will work best are the ones that set a feeling of calmness as well as tranquility, this is especially true if the bathroom is spacious with a complete bath and shower area.

Select Bathroom Paint Colors To Set A Mood
In selecting bathroom paint colors to create a mood, remember that intense colors like bright reds, vivid greens, dark blues and brilliant yellows tend to be energizing, whereas the much softer shades are usually more subduing. Relaxing bathroom colors would be light blue, a sage green, a soft yellow or a light tan.

When the bathroom is an integral part of the bedroom suite, then it really should have a design theme comparable to that of the bedroom. Either work with the very same colors, or maybe lighter shades and tones of the exact same colors if the bathroom is small. Conversely, you could actually use complementary bathroom paint colors on the bathroom walls and ceiling.

Selecting a bathroom paint color will often hinge on just what the decor is in your bathroom area. White is almost always a safe color selection, however some people want something much bolder and a lot more modern. In order to give your bathroom an informal appearance, you could choose light tan, mint green or even forest green tones. Colors such as black, white and navy blue give a much more sophisticated look to your bathroom.

101 Marveloys New Years Eve Table Settings Ideas For Your Dinner Party

How many of us have ever thought about the principles of setting a table? For the uninitiated, how you prepare a table is about nothing more than putting silverware and utensils on a table before eating, and if you are lucky, sticking a napkin under each fork. We may ask, what is so difficult or interesting about that? Yet if we stop to think about it, whenever we go to a major event, it is the way that the tables have been set that creates the look and tone of the hall.

Wedding table settings, for example, are supposed to reflect the romantic, exciting atmosphere of the evening. Each idea has its own style and look. A baby shower table arrangement will probably look much different from a Valentine day one.

Moreover, each culture and nation has its own ideas of what looks beautiful, elegant, or atmospheric. Asian table settings have their own distinct style, as opposed to an African dining design, and both of these differ from western table ideas. Even the different times of the year have their influence upon the way that you would set the table. There is such a thing as a Christmas Day and Halloween table settings, and more, each of which has its own stylistic message.

So what are the different factors and effects when it comes to setting a table? Take a look at the four “C”‘s mentioned below and you will soon find the answers.

101 Brilliant Ideas For DIY New Years Eve Wreath To Decorate Your Home

When most of us think of front door wreaths we think circle, evergreen and Christmas. Wreaths come in all types of materials and shapes. They can be made from simple pine cones that you find in your front yard, fresh flowers that are picked from a garden or even peacock feathers that you special order. Hearts, triangles, stars and more can become a decorative wreath shape depending on the occasion that is being celebrated or the home that is being decorated. When creating a wreath the design limitations are only based on the patience and the creativity of the wreath maker.

In Winter, it is typical to find pine cones, evergreens or magnolia leaves used as the base for wreaths. Personalizing a Winter wreath is easy as nature supplies us with many different materials to select from. Holly berries, Lemons, Clementines and pomegranates all provide wonderful accent colors for any Winter wreath. Ribbon, glitter and lights are available in abundance during the Winter months and with all the different colors and patterns available you can make any wreath uniquely yours. New Years, Valentine’s Day and every Religious celebration provide exciting theme options to create a wreath that is fun, festive and uniquely yours.

Spring brings its own set of wonderful gifts to help create a light and decorative wreath. This is the time of year when you can use wreath bases that lend themselves to the more creative side. Styrofoam bases allow the use of all types of materials to be easily secured in place. Whatever the season of Spring brings to mind you can turn it into a wreath. From fresh flowers, to small toy colorful birds or baby animals, to a wreath decorated with items that represent your favorite spring activity, Spring themes are endless.

The Summer months are magic and provide all types of ideas for making a unique decoration that celebrates the joys of Summer. This is a time when using the materials that nature has to offer from Sea Shells and sand dollars, to greenery found in the woods, or family photos engaged in summertime activities, gives you plenty of ways to add a personal and warm touch to any wreath. Memorial Day, Father’s Day and the 4th of July, as well as, time at the beach or pool, provide limitless themes for inventing your own celebration of Summer.

101 Sparking New Years Eve Wreath Ideas For Home Decoration

Lighting candles on an Advent Wreath during the four weeks leading up to Christmas has been tradition for many Catholic and Protestant families since sometime before the Middle Ages. The tradition emerged in central Europe where December evenings were cold and dark and gathering together sharing the warm light of candles to pray was appealing to many. The Advent Wreath itself is steeped in Christian symbolism. Lighting candles and reciting the prayers each night of Advent preceding Christmas day instills excitement and anticipation for the special day of Christ’s birthday. Children are especially found of Advent Wreaths as they can create an interactive prayer process leading up to Christmas which in itself is very exciting to the little ones.

Decorating and lighting the Advent Wreath is an experience which all members of the family can take part and the activity can reinforce and teach some important aspects of the Christian faith. The circular wreath is the most prominent symbolism represented in the Advent Wreath. The circular wreath represents the never ending love of God and also everlasting life. The evergreens which comprise the wreath also represent everlasting new life and the word Advent is derived from the Latin phrase ad-venio or “to come to” which is the English translation. Advent wreaths are often decorated with pine cones, seed pods, or nuts to further the symbolism of the resurrection and everlasting life.

There are many family activities which can be associated with an Advent tradition where even the youngest family member participates. Children can take part in gathering the materials to decorate the wreath from the back yard, a local park, nature preserve, or even excess clippings from the local Christmas tree lot. Our family assigns a week for each child to lead the decorating scheme for the wreath on their assigned week and the kids are very excited about putting their personal touch on the wreath for their week. Children can also be asked to recite the Advent prayer which changes each week along with the lighting of a new candle each week. The color of the candle assigned for the week is also coordinated with the priest’s vestments for the that week. There are three purple candles and one pink one. The pink is lit on the third week of Advent coordinated with the pink vestments associated with Gaudete Sunday. The purple candles represent the weeks of prayer, penance, and preparatory sacrifices associated with the weeks leading up to Christmas. The pink candle is lit on the third week in anticipation and celebration of Christ’s pending birth.

Gathering as a family to light the Advent Wreath is a tradition you and your family will remember for years to come. Little children are naturally excited four weeks before Christmas and the growing magnitude of light that builds as another candle is lit on a new week only adds to the excitement. Purchasing a sturdy Advent candle base which can be used each Christmas will ensure the practice is repeated each year. Decorating the wreath and leading the recital of the prayers will be a faith building experience for young and old. Lighting the Advent Wreath has been a beloved tradition for many Christians for over 1000 years. Isn’t it time you take the lead in beginning this excellent holiday tradition with your family?

101 Hottest New Years Eve Photo Backdrop Ideas For Party Decoration

Don’t you just love taking pictures of your family and friends during the holidays, or any other time you get together for that matter? And when you get together months later and look through the your old photo albums, it brings back some good memories, doesn’t it?

Since you love taking pictures with your digital camera so much, why not make the most of them? You can take your digital snapshots and create scrapbooks, greeting cards, and anything else you can think of making. All you need is some good photo-editing software, and some high quality digital photo backdrops and the sky is the limit. You can create professional studio quality photos in just a few minutes time with only a few points and clicks of your mouse.