101 Gorgeous New Years Eve Table Decoration Ideas For Your Party

Gorgeous New Years Eve Table Decoration Ideas For Your Party 14

Have you ever been the host of a dinner party and had absolutely no idea how to decorate the table? Maybe you haven’t, but surely you want to try something new and eye-catching that your guests can compliment you on.

Not all dinner parties have to include a tablecloth but there has to be something protecting your table from greasy stains and falling cutlery. You can either choose to place mats underneath each plate or runners on each side of the table. Your best bet would be the tablecloth or placemats so that guests are not disturbed by the constant moving of the runner.

Choose a colour theme that looks appealing to you. If it is not a specific occasion and is just a family dinner on a Sunday, then you can play around with different colour ideas. The colour of the tablecloth should be different to the colour of the serviettes or napkins unless the napkin is placed on the plate.

If you are going to put a centrepiece in the middle of the table it then it should be the focal point of the dinner table. On many dinner tables, the food will be placed in the centre for everyone to serve themselves. If this is the type of setup you are planning on having then perhaps the centrepiece is for another day.

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