101 Pretty Spring Door Wreaths Ideas You Can Try This Season

Pretty Spring Door Wreaths Ideas You Can Try This Season 17

It is such a joy to make a beautiful springtime wreath with your own creativity. I will share some of my creations.

I take grapevine wreaths and cover them with silk greenery. The greenery that I use is a garland of ivy or other green vine. I wind the garland around the wreath and hot glue it in different places.

Since it is a spring wreath, I use pastel silk flowers. I take flower bushes and cut about 2″ off with the flower head. I bend the wiring and hot glue these flowers to the wreath placing them at proper intervals.

I glue a miniature bird’s nest at the bottom portion of the wreath and I attach colorful little eggs in the nest. I put a little bird on top of the eggs.

There is no end to the different designs that you can think of for spring wreaths. Use ribbon, miniature hats, tiny teacups & kettles. Gardening miniature items are great for wreaths as well.

Take strong floral wire and make a hook, hot glue this into the back of the wreath at the top.

Wreaths can be sold as a cottage industry locally or have a website on the Internet. You can market them at flea markets or get a peddler licenses and have a roadside stand. Flower shop owners may purchase them for resale.

Also, donate a wreath to hang in a home décor shop. You will receive free advertising for your creations.

Having my home based Internet marketing business allows me the time and financial freedom to do more wreath designing.

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