101 Latest Outdoor Fire Pits Decor Ideas You Will Love Asap

Latest Outdoor Fire Pits Decor Ideas You Will Love Asap 49

The concept of having an outdoor fire pit is not really new. Traditionally, these decorative yet useful pieces were not so glamorous, in fact they consisted of a hole in the ground. Today, they have come a long way from their simple original version, offering potential customers a decorative and functional addition to their existing outdoor landscape. Types of outdoor fire pits can be numerous, but here are some of the most popular.

Tile & Stone
Many fire pit enthusiasts prefer a more refined and permanent type that blends in to the natural flow of the surrounding structures. The tile and stone types offer that convenience. Sizes vary from large landscape pieces to a smaller accessory, they can be tailored to the size limitations of urban or rural residences. Generally, the fire pits size should not exceed three feet.

These should also be a safe distance away from any structures, and before building one, be sure to check with the appropriate city office to determine if having one of these violates ordinances or fire codes.

The type of construction material used is crucial in determining long-term durability. For example, using granite, due to its non-porous qualities, will likely mitigate any cracking or major degradation to the fire pit. On the other hand, choosing a brick or other porous stone may put more risk to the overall integrity of the unit.

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