101 Marvelous Bathroom Design Ideas For Spring Decoration

Marvelous Bathroom Design Ideas For Spring Decoration 44

Spring starts on or around the 20th of March and this is normally the time when we tend to begin redecorating our homes. It is a curious human trait, the way we align our decorating with the seasons. But what makes spring the better time of the year to take on projects around the home? Naturally at Kings Bathroom we are biased towards bathrooms and making sure you have access to the finest bathroom products at the right time. But why spring and when is the best time to start a bathroom project or perhaps install a shower?

Points from this article
•Spring is a great time to decorate a bathroom
•We love Bank holidays (Especially Easter)
•You need to project manage your bathroom well in advance
What spring means to us?

On a holistic footing, spring is when it all starts; the snow drops and blue bells are launching the countryside into a mêlée of rebirth. Lambs are born, Rabbits go mad, the birds begin to return from their winter migrations and the mornings seem crisp and light. There is no doubting it, spring is a special time of year, some might say an invigorating time, where we are enthused by the growth of the world around us. So why would you ever consider braving the queue at your local DIY store in such a beautiful time of the year? Is spring the right time to decorate or remodel a bathroom?

Just because it is a bank holiday.
The first bank holiday in the year, Easter Bank holiday falls on the weekend of the 23rd of April in 2011 (Good Friday is the 22nd of April). This is the time, where regardless of how much work you plan to do on your home. Be it in your bathroom, en-suite toilet or adding a standalone shower, you want to get it all done on this one weekend. We all slip into single minded home cleaning, trip to the tip, garden modelling, bathroom decorating autonamatrons which happens to be right up the marketing managers street! As a result of which you will also discover that for the DIY retail industry is ready for you. For weeks during the run up to the bank holiday, your television will be bombarded with adverts about DIY deals. All you want is a mirror for your bathroom or a bathroom cabinet, but have you actually tried to brave the DIY stores on a bank holiday? Just because it is that bank holiday!

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