101 Outstanding Spring And Easter Centerpieces That Are Tastefully Curated

Outstanding Spring And Easter Centerpieces That Are Tastefully Curated 53

This is Holy Week and you would like to keep it
as solemn as you can but – your plans for Easter
Sunday require a bit of tweaking here and there.
You probably already have your menu well in hand,
and you remembered to buy a few extra dozen eggs
to color and decorate.

If you are fortunate enough to have heirloom linens
handed down to you, then count yourself as blessed.
If not, then pastel table cloths are a Spring type back-
ground for the dinner you will host. Your best china
is polished and so it your stem ware. Try tying some
pastel ribbons around the base of your goblets to lend
a hand in bringing the colors of the season to your
table. Fill a few champagne glasses with holiday jelly
beans and place them on either side of your lamb cake,
tulip centerpiece, or daffodil display in the center of
your table. You can even have a large Easter basket
filled with decorated eggs, and festive breads, bunny
sugar cookies, and Easter egg cakes. If you like, you
can have a special plastic egg on everyone’s plate just
before they eat.

Fill it with a lotto ticket for the adults,
or share a wish or hope for the Season. For the children,
a coupon for an ice cream treat or maybe a “check” for
a trip to the library, to the park, or even to the zoo.
Try to forego the candy because the “sweet” side of
Easter is well taken care of. On your side table, you might
have an Easter Tree (which is just a branch from a tree
spray painted white). Using a needle, make holes in your
Easter cookies, and with ribbon through the holes, tie them
to the tree. This way, come dessert time, everyone can pick
and choose one of their choice.

If you are serving Easter Brunch, place a Bunny Bun on
top of a nest of shredded lettuce, finely chopped hard boiled
egg, and a few carrot sticks on a small paper plate. This makes
a nice fast pick me up to start off a Sunday filled with family,
friends, and festivities.

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