101 Lovable Office Easter Decorations To Celebrate The Onset Of Spring In Workplace

Lovable Office Easter Decorations To Celebrate The Onset Of Spring In Workplace 26

If you have an office at home or a small office anywhere else, small office decorating ideas may be foremost on your mind. You office should be tastefully decorated, making it a great place to work. Here are some small office decorating ideas:

Walls: Don’t choose dark colors for the walls because this will make your room look smaller than it really is. Go in for light shades like beige, pale blue, bluish grey, pale green etc. Decorate the walls with paintings, photographs or murals. Don’t overdo it and make the wall appear crowded. Getting a wall mural painted is also a good idea. Use one section of the wall to hang up framed certificates, licenses and so on.

Furniture: Stay way from large desks and humongous book shelves that look better in an executive office. Choose desks with shelves and cubbies. This will give you a good deal of additional storage space. A moderate sized shelf in one side of the room can be used to stack reference books and even books you simply enjoy. Make sure the furniture you choose match each other and the decor of the room. Randomly selected furniture looks unprofessional. Keep furniture far way from the door. This will give an impression of space.

Lamps and lighting: Dim lighting is a no-no in small office spaces. Use fluorescent lights or simple chandeliers. Don’t go in for floor lamps or lamp stands as it demands more space. Choose a room with a big window which permits plenty of sunlight to flood room. Choose seating positions such that glare from the windows does not reflect n the computer screen.

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