101 Stunning Front Yard Landscaping Ideas With Beautiful Flowers

Choosing the Right Flowering Shrubs
When choosing flowering shrubs for your next gardening or landscaping project, an important thing to consider when selecting a certain variety of shrub is the amount of maintenance you will need in order to keep the shrubs looking nice. Some varieties of shrubs can be planted and almost forgotten as far as maintenance. Other varieties can be the complete opposite, and will take hours of your time every month just to keep them alive. It is important to do some research before deciding which type of shrubs you are going to select for your next project.

The first factor to consider is the climate that you live in. Plants that are native to a region will always do better than plants that aren’t native to a region. For example, planting a palm tree along your deck in Wisconsin is not going to be very rewarding further along down the road. Obviously most people wouldn’t do this, but the same concept applies to other less obvious situations. If you live in a region that receives ten inches of rain per year, you probably do not want to buy a plant that comes from the rain forest. It is certainly possible you could keep the plant alive, but you will spend much less time and resources on a plant that grows naturally in the climate you are in. The same goes for sun or shade loving plants. If you are in a region that is cloudy most of the time, you will be better off using shrubs that are shade loving.

Another important factor to consider is location. Where is the shrub going? Look at the location where the shrub will be planted. Is it next to water? Is it in the sun or the shade most of the day? What is the soil like? These are all things to consider. Some shrubs do better in full sun, some in full shade, and some do best in something in between. Consider the amount of water you will need for the plant. Think of a cactus verses a fern. Cacti require almost no watering, while some ferns require a constant water source. Also, different types of shrubs are going to require different types of soil. Some shrubs can only grow in soil that drains well. If you have soil with a lot of clay in it and choose a plant that requires well drained soil, you are going to need to buy various additives to make the soil appropriate for the plant. Consider going with a variety of shrub that can live in the type of soil you have if this is the case.

Once you have all this information, head over to your local nursery and tell them the criteria for the type of flowering shrub you want. They are usually very knowledgeable and can help you find the best shrub for your project.

101 Outstanding Rustic Spring Home Decor Ideas You Will Love

Rustic home decor can add significant beauty to your home. It gives it a comfortable antique feel, while still relaying a modern atmosphere. That is what makes rustic home decor so different than other types of interior themes that are out there today. You can use it in any room of your house and in almost any form of decorating. You can give your home either a log cabin or classic country feel. So it is fair to say that rustic home decor can suddenly throw you into a down-home environment that is absolutely beautiful.

There are so many variations of rustic home decor. For the bedroom you can invest in an old fashioned comforter set and use it as the room’s center. You can then take the remaining furniture in the room and base it around that comforter set. Throw in the right kind of lighting and you can have that 1800s cabin feel.

Another thing to try is rustic bar stools if you have a bar in your kitchen or dining area. You can then use those as your inspiration in adding other rustic home decor to the room. The ideas are virtually endless. Some individuals decide to use the in just a few rooms. Then again, they enjoy the look so much that they extend the feel throughout their entire home. There is something very unique about this decor that it is easy to fall in love with.

Something that can really enhance a room is prints and paintings. They can enhance the feel that you’re trying to achieve within the room. Hanging them in the right area on the wall can make a world of difference. You can then use such items as decorative pillows on chairs, sofas, and even the bed. You would be amazed what something so simple can

101 Brilliant Tiny Apartment Design That Are So Inspiring

Like so many people in Australia – especially in its large cities – you may be grappling with the issue of having very limited amounts of space. Studio apartments are particularly difficult to arrange, and many people just throw up their hands and live in cluttered, cramped situations. It doesn’t have to be like that! There are plenty of nifty tricks that you can use to maximize the space you have, creating the illusion of having a lot more; check them out below:

Steer Clear of Coffee Tables – A very common error when arranging small units or apartments is the cluttering up of floors. Sure, coffee tables are convenient – but they take up a lot of very limited floor space. You can achieve plenty of surface space – without sacrificing floor space – by using a corner counter or credenza. Such things are out of the way enough to keep the floor in your apartment clear, but offer enough surface space to be useful and convenient.

Invest in Multitasking Furniture – Without a doubt, wall beds are godsends to those who live in exceptionally small apartments. These days, Murphy wall beds come in a dizzying array of configurations, styles and designs, allowing you to make the most out of your available space. By night, you can fold your wall bed down and sleep on it; by day, you can fold it up and use it as a shelving unit, desk or other useful thing. Wall beds are worthwhile investments and can make a major difference in how cramped – or not cramped – your studio apartment is.

Hang, Hang, Hang! – Floor space may be limited in a tiny apartment, but wall and ceiling space should be ample. Make the most out of this by hanging things from your apartment’s walls and ceilings. Hanging shelves are great options, as are hooks for hanging clothes hangers and other things. Hanging lamps can be used in lieu of standing or desktop models, as well.

101 Gorgeous Hanging Plants Ideas To Decorate Your Garden

If you’re like my wife and I you may buy plants on an impulse only to find no place in the garden that really suits them. It is best to survey the garden area and chose you plants and seeds with the exact planting location in mind. Once you have considered the location shop for plants according to how much sun and shade they need,the condition of the soil and whether your aspect is sheltered or windswept. This process will help buy the best plants for your situation resulting in healthier plants and a more vibrant garden.

If you are unsure as to the suitability of your soil, test your soil to determine the pH level. If you find the soil is poor add some nutrients with fertilizer. Also the alkalinity will help you to decide which plants will do best in that location. The more your plants like the soil you already have the less soil reconditioning you will need to do. Also if you find that you want a few special plants you can use containers with specific soil optimized for that plant. You could avoid a major soil reconditioning program that way.

Once you have investigated your soil and decided which plants you want for which areas of the garden you may want to consider placement in terms of foliage and blossom color, in other words garden design. You could place your chosen plants around the garden bed in their pots to see how they will look before you plant making certain that you have an interesting combination of colors and textures of plants.

Regarding color scheme, you can get more from your garden and maintain the harmony by planting flowers that blossom in staggered seasons. Choosing flowers that bloom early mid and late season lets you have color longer.

101 Luxury Black And White Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas To Copy Now

Over the years, many different themes of decorating have come and gone. Considering all the rooms in a home, the kitchen design is one of the most important because this room needs to not only be beautiful but it also needs to be highly functional. If you are one who leans toward the modern design options, then you may love the idea of a cool black and white kitchen.

In the past, white kitchen cabinets were connected with a country kitchen, the beach cottage style kitchen, and sometimes even a French inspired theme. But did you know that white kitchen cabinets can be the anchor that pulls your modern kitchen together for a fabulous cohesive work of art? In the modern kitchen, white kitchen cabinets can be the whole base of your overall design.