101 Gorgeous DIY Bookshelf Ideas For Book Lovers

Gorgeous DIY Bookshelf Ideas For Book Lovers 45

Go through all your books and decide, what stays there, what you are going to keep (but not on the bookshelf), what goes for recycling or what you are going to sell. Have three different boxes for keepers (taken away from the shelf), recycling or selling.

Label the boxes by its purpose. The first box could have a label which simply says “Books for keeping”. Put those books there that you want to keep (but which are taken out of the bookshelf). The second box could be labeled as “Books for recycling” and you could actually have two ways of proceeding with it: First, you could offer your books to a local library. This is something that is possible in my home town (and I believe that it’s possible elsewhere too). If you still have books left in that box (“Books for Recycling”), take them to local recycling box in your area. However you may need to find out what’s the local policy on books recycling (as this may vary). The third box contains the books you want to sell. You can take your books to a local flea market and see if anyone is interested of buying them. You can also try to sell them online too.

I have tried to recycle my books as much as possible (thus it’s the only option of those I have used personally). Although the other options might be practical ones too, for me the recycling is the easiest one since I can do it quickly.

Turn them electronic
I tend to download e-books more and more every month. I find the delivery and storage method to be very convenient. I’m not saying that one should replace all the books from physical to electronic form. However in some situations e-books work better than traditional ones. For example, some titles may only be found as electronic ones and the speed of delivery is of course something that beats the traditional books hands down.
One of the biggest disadvantages of having an electronic book is its usability. Normally it’s a pain to read many pages through your computer screen, thus you are tied to a computer when reading an e-book. This may change in the future, when devices like Kindle (by Amazon) become more common. I haven’t tried one yet, but I have to admit that the idea is very compelling.

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