101 Pretty Entryway Plants That’ll Make You Happy to Be Home

Pretty Entryway Plants That'll Make You Happy To Be Home 36

How do you make an entrance fabulous? Or, more importantly, how do you make it organized? It takes some planning. As with any area that has a lot of traffic, clutter quickly changes an entrance into a fortress in disarray. When maintained and organized this space can serve you and your company well. Carefully selected functional furniture, pleasant display of art objects, along with simple fresh flowers or plants will create a warm introduction to your home.

Imagine your entryway as more of a room rather than a hall. Then question how you would furnish a high traffic room. First, there needs to be plenty of space for coats and bags. Maybe an armoire or a well-outfitted closet would work. Next, surfaces clear of clutter make a good impression.

Entryways should help with the flow of traffic, including the flow of objects set down – like grocery bags or gifts – things that are typically hung up – like winter coats, pocketbooks, and hats. If there isn’t a designated surface, hook, or hanger, then these items will end up on a door knob, banister, or plopped down on the floor.

Other hallways along with your entryway also need organizational attention. They provide interesting opportunities for more storage and displaying collectables. Long hallways can offer fabulous book storage or an opportunity to display art objects. Where a hallway ends it is not inevitably the end of valuable space.

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