46 Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas Are Almost Too Good to Be True

Weather you live in a recently built home in the suburbs, or own a condo in a bustling city you can take yourself to rural America every time you enter your home. For many people, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house. It is a great area to begin your transformation. Adding a country kitchen island is a perfect way to make the theme of the kitchen more authentic.

When stepping into a kitchen with a country feel, it makes people think of families together, fresh made pies, and the charm of the rural style. Many homeowners find kitchen islands essential. When having one in your country themed kitchen, it brings the feelings of long ago when people used the island to prepare foods in farmhouses. One difference with the islands that are used today is that they offer more counter space and cabinet space while still featuring the wood furniture look.

There are a few things to think about when searching for a country kitchen island.
Most kitchens are not the same size as those in farmhouses. That being said, you need to determine what size island would fit in your kitchen. Once you have the size, you can find many different types of country kitchen islands available that offer sturdy, beautiful classic wood, along with different designs to choose from. Some extra features that may vary on these islands include:

knife rack
towel bar
wine rack
Once the food is cooked, you can pour your wine and enjoy the meal in your cozy kitchen by sitting on a stool by the island. There are many wooden stools available to fit the theme of the kitchen.

44 Easy Ways To Decorate With Living Coral Pantone’s Color Of The Year

Though a lot of people find it not appropriate to use colorful paints for their houses, an artist know for her illuminated furnishings line pushed people to make a room for vivid colors inside the house. In today’s abode, color plays a considerable role in accentuating interiors and design areas of importance in rooms that are out of proportion.

Structural features can be used to be effective in order to create a space through the use of color. Bookcases, doorways and windows can sum up more interest to walls full of colors.

To stress importance, according to a Sherwin-Williams employee, she discloses that it is good to paint doorways a little more light or dark than the wall.It maybe quite a transformation but it gives attention to detail.Another example would be to use cooper finish for translucency thus providing good reflection to the structure.

If you want to be daring, one can use two different colors. For instance, a bookcase can be painted in green and placed in a room with blue walls. However, there is also continuity throughout the house if same colors are used.

48 Excellent Dining Room Lighting Ideas to Withstand the Test of Time

The dining room light fixture serves two purposes. First, it provides light by which to dine by, but more importantly, it sets the tone for the homeowner’s personal style. A grand dining room light fixture is the first thing noticed when you enter the room.

The current trend is candle style chandeliers. They are usually made of hand forged wrought iron, and can be found in single, double and even triple tiers complemented by candle style shades. Candle style shades can vary across designers. Options include resin candle shades that have the look of dripping wax. Onyx style candle shades are unique because of the beauty of natural stone mixed with wrought iron. There is also a line of shades made from real paraffin wax. These shades have the look and feel of real candle wax, but are specially formulated to accept low voltage light bulbs for the convenience of electricity using a light switch.

Some chandeliers are designed to use with real candles. Though they can be very beautiful, they are difficult to use as you need to hand light each candle and be sure to blow out when not in use. For most people, this is not very convenient.

When choosing a chandelier, you need to choose a finish that complements the other fixtures in the room. In example, you would not mix silver and brass in the same room. It is also important to match finish with the colors of the room. Cool tones are complimented by black or silver finishes. Warm tones are complimented by brass or gold finishes.

46 Newest Wallpapered Bathrooms That Will Make You Want to Redecorate

The bathroom wallpaper can be found in various colors and it is an affordable alternative to update your space. When you are going to select wallpaper, you should consider about the existing design and style of your room. Bathroom can attract the moisture and the humidity, so it is very important to find wallpaper which will withstand these conditions. With many designs and patterns available to choose from, you should pick up some samples in order to help you arrive on your final decision.

It is found that bathroom wallpaper comes in various colors and designs. For those who have small bathroom, it is suggested to try wallpapering one wall while keeping the remaining walls neutral. You can find that the easiest wallpaper that you can install is the self-adhesive kind. It is practically mess-free and it only requires water. You need to simply moisten the back part of the wallpaper with water, apply it to the wall, and then let it dry. You should remember to allow enough time before you are installing any accessories to your bathroom such as pictures or mirrors.

Basically, bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a house but this is a room where you can make experiment with bold colors like orange and red. You can try wallpapering the largest wall in the bathroom with your favorite design or pattern. The geometric stripes and shapes will enhance the design of your bathroom. If there is a separate room in your toilet, you can consider wallpapering this room only.

For the neutral bathroom, you can use the light-colored wallpaper like beige or cream. These colors can work well to open up the space. Also, they can coordinate with most of bathroom fixtures and accessories.

101 Natural Decor Ideas You Need to Turn Your Home Into an Earthy Oasis

Simple home decorating ideas could be used to bring in simplicity in home decor with readily available accessories and objects to spruce up your home. But simplicity should not be mistaken for drab or a dull look as simple home decorations can be very practical and visually appealing. It refreshes your home and soothes your eyes.

Color variations can change the look and mood of the interior. Usually mundane decors rely on a single color. You could try more than one color to make the rooms look great and aesthetic as well. Combination of different colors can add vitality and life to an otherwise plain looking room.

Instead of using colors that clash with one another try color combination that blend easily. You could break the color combination in another room as modern home interiors are used to doing. Or else, try and maintain a certain pattern from room to room. Adjoining rooms could have complementary colors to maintain a balance if you like it tat way.

Natural light is always welcome in al homes and mirrors help reflect ad light up rooms that remain dark despite the presence of natural light. Instead of spending a lot of money buying new mirrors you could do with those at your home to bring in the sunny environment that was lacking.

101 Adorable Boho Apartment Decor Ideas Are Small-Space Approved

Apartment Decorating Ideas
Whether you are in a temporary rental space or in your apartment home, just because you have a landlord doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like your own. Obviously you won’t be knocking down walls and remodeling but you can get creative with your furniture and home decor.

Create a theme or focal point
Often an apartment comes with very little charm and quite often not much of a view. White or beige walls can seem a bit boring but with some imagination you can fix that right up. I find that Photography is very effective in apartment living. Because we need a focal point and we don’t have a great view, I like to use a piece of Landscape Photography to set the mood. You can mount a large photograph of a nature scene, beach scene or cityscape in the middle of your living room and turn your apartment into a destination. An amazing photo of a luscious landscape full of color will make any apartment come alive. Like the city? Display a picture of the New York City Skyline at night.