101 Unique Retro Kitchen Ideas to Make You Time Traveling

Home decorating is easier than you may think and the kitchen is the most popular room to start with. While there are many styles of kitchen décor, one of the most popular kitchen decorating ideas today is to decorate with the a retro style.

If you are going for a great mid century retro style like that of the 1960’s or 70’s, you want to stick with colors from that era like mod blues, oranges and browns. When you decide on your color palette, pick up some paint cards with your colors on them and carry them with you when you are shopping for furniture and accessories so that you will know everything will be a perfect match.

In the kitchen, you want to add vintage knick nacks, vintage dish towels and even vintage tables and chairs to really get a retro look. Luckily, you can still find items from this era at a reasonable price and, if you don’t want to buy vintage stuff, there are a lot of new items being made in the retro style.

While kitchen decorating ideas often focus on the accessories, the flooring, windows and walls are also important to the design. For your windows, you might try using some vintage curtains right from the era you are decorating for. For wall décor, you can add atomic clocks and vintage artwork or try putting in some shelves and display a collection of retro items like salt and pepper shakers or maybe even old radios or cookie jars.

101 Marvelous Pergola Patio Ideas to Improve Your Backyard

Pergolas, patios and courtyards extend the living space of a home and add spaciousness. In Australia, the pergola is fast becoming the natural addition to any new or existing home. Pergolas not only provide protection from the elements all year round but they also allow us to entertain in comfort and style outdoors.

This article looks at design tips for enhancing pergola areas with potted plants, statues, water features, lighting, paving and outdoor furniture to help create an outdoor sanctuary for relaxation.

Ideal Plants for Pergolas – Climbing Plants
If considering the addition of a climbing plant to your pergola structure then the ornamental grape is an ideal choice. The ornamental grape is a deciduous climber that allows sunlight through in winter and much needed shade in summer. These plants are suited to a warm, dry climate and are thus perfect for Australian conditions.

Plant vines 1.2 metres apart for use on a pergola and 2 metres apart if growing them up a fence or trellis. You will need to train the vine up each pergola post to form a trunk and remove all lower growth as the vines develop. The best time to plant grape vines is in winter with fruit harvested between February and May. Regular pruning and trimming is required to produce

101 Trendy Boho Bathroom Ideas You Will Definitely Love

Good Bathroom Ideas make your bathroom appealing and attractive with a little imagination and plan. If you’ve always envied folks’ who flaunt their bathrooms and snazzy bathroom accessories, it is no more a great deal. Although, bathrooms have become more stylish and contemporary, prudent use of space and sophisticated fittings can transform the smallest bathroom into a glamour room.

When you are executing your bathroom ideas, you need to use the space wisely and keep the fixtures and fittings in proportion to the size of the room. If you are fitting a small bathroom, there are sinks designed specifically to suit the purpose. Ceramic is by far the most sought after and affordable material used in the manufacture of sinks, and it is the most hygienic and durable. Provided you take good care of it, it will still look as good as new even after a decade. Stylish alternatives such as glass or steel will need more work to keep them looking good. Stone and marble may look fantastic but it will definitely blow the budget.

While many bathrooms have laminate or solid surface countertops, tiles of all shapes and styles are the pick of the day. For any variety of looks and durability, choose glass, ceramic, stone or metal tiles. You can also scatter hand painted or embossed tiles at intervals on a wall to create texture and color. At present, bathroom taps for sinks and showers come in a variety of shapes, materials and designs to choose from. Although they look expensive, they fit most bathroom budgets. The popular bathroom budget taps are made of steel while some look elegant with ceramic knobs. If your bathroom is small and you want to save on space and money opt for a bathtub fitted with shower instead of separate shower cubicle.

Don’t overlook the easy, low cost bathroom ideas .For instance, decorative touches such as new window treatments, colorful shower curtains towels and bath mats, or even basic items like soaps and candles will create a whole new look. Cut the clutter. Install a glass shelf on a wall to keep the counters clear .The shelf can be used to hold functional bath products or decorative items like picture frames or votive candles. Many bathroom shelves are available to complement the finishes to bath accessories and taps.

101 Best Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Pool

Swimming pool lights are not just beautiful, they enhance safety. In fact, swimming at night is not safe unless the sides and bottom of the pool are illuminated. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for just plain, boring circular white lights. Swimming pool lights are now available in numerous styles and colors, and there is much more scope now for putting your personal taste to work when designing your pool lighting.

With in-ground swimming pools, the lights are usually put in when the pool is constructed. The advantage here is that you can make very creative choices. In addition to plain lights necessary for safety, some pool owners put fiber optic lighting in patterns on the floor of the pool and then grout over the cables. Once the grout has cured and the pool is filled, the lights on the bottom of the pool resemble stars and give a fairy-tale glow to your pool.

Lights for above ground pools can be attached in numerous ways. Some simply hook over the top of the pool wall, while others are installed into the pool’s return line, and others can be mounted to the side of the pool. Though each style has its good and bad points, many pool owners like the lights that hook over the top of the pool because there is no drilling required. Also, these lights can be moved as necessary.

While some purely functional illumination is necessary for safety, the addition of colored lights gives a pool a lovely, dreamy glow. Some have colored lenses that snap into place, while others have a rotating color wheel to gradually change the light colors.

101 Lovely Red Dining Room Ideas You Might Want to Steal Now

Red is one of those shades that can be difficult to incorporate into a traditional dining space; it offers so much energy and passion that it can easily overwhelm the room. Since you want the focus of the dining room to be on eating, family togetherness, and relaxed enjoyment, you do not want the room to turn people off by adding too much energy. Accents and accessories are the best way to add a color like red, such as red chairs in a traditional dining room space.

There are a few different methods of utilizing red chairs in the dining room, and that is through either the fabric or the actual furniture design. Take a look at the following options:

Red Fabric
The easiest way to add red chairs to the dining room is by utilizing red fabric for the cushion on the chairs, and it can be solid red or a red pattern, texture, or print. For maximum wow factor, use a great red print or pattern that coordinates with the other shades in the room, especially if the room is primarily neutral shades or solid colors. A great red print will be quickly noticed and easily remembered, and since the rest of the room will be peaceful and inviting, your family members, friends, and guests will want to come back to the space time and again.

Texture is an important part of the look of a dining room, so you should be sure to add a variety of textures to add depth to the room. Something comfortable and soft is great for the fabric on the dining chairs, and on traditional chairs this can be made from a wide variety of materials, such as organic cotton and similar eco-friendly options. It is fine if the texture offers something unique, such as a raised pattern, just be sure that the chair is comfortable for anyone who sits on it.

101 Smart Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Update Your Cooking Corner Look

Remodeling your small kitchen shouldn’t be a difficult task. When you put your small kitchen remodeling idea on paper, just remember your budget. Read on to find out some tips on redesigning our small kitchen.

A kitchen should be a place where preparing food and cooking is comfortable. Your first small kitchen remodeling idea should be to incorporate as many cabinets as you can into the kitchen area. An example would be providing cabinets underneath the sink as well as above. With all these cabinets, it’s easier to keep your pots, pans, glasses, plates, wine bottles and canned goods.