101 Marvelous Pergola Patio Ideas to Improve Your Backyard

Pergolas, patios and courtyards extend the living space of a home and add spaciousness. In Australia, the pergola is fast becoming the natural addition to any new or existing home. Pergolas not only provide protection from the elements all year round but they also allow us to entertain in comfort and style outdoors.

This article looks at design tips for enhancing pergola areas with potted plants, statues, water features, lighting, paving and outdoor furniture to help create an outdoor sanctuary for relaxation.

Ideal Plants for Pergolas – Climbing Plants
If considering the addition of a climbing plant to your pergola structure then the ornamental grape is an ideal choice. The ornamental grape is a deciduous climber that allows sunlight through in winter and much needed shade in summer. These plants are suited to a warm, dry climate and are thus perfect for Australian conditions.

Plant vines 1.2 metres apart for use on a pergola and 2 metres apart if growing them up a fence or trellis. You will need to train the vine up each pergola post to form a trunk and remove all lower growth as the vines develop. The best time to plant grape vines is in winter with fruit harvested between February and May. Regular pruning and trimming is required to produce

101 Best Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Pool

Swimming pool lights are not just beautiful, they enhance safety. In fact, swimming at night is not safe unless the sides and bottom of the pool are illuminated. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for just plain, boring circular white lights. Swimming pool lights are now available in numerous styles and colors, and there is much more scope now for putting your personal taste to work when designing your pool lighting.

With in-ground swimming pools, the lights are usually put in when the pool is constructed. The advantage here is that you can make very creative choices. In addition to plain lights necessary for safety, some pool owners put fiber optic lighting in patterns on the floor of the pool and then grout over the cables. Once the grout has cured and the pool is filled, the lights on the bottom of the pool resemble stars and give a fairy-tale glow to your pool.

Lights for above ground pools can be attached in numerous ways. Some simply hook over the top of the pool wall, while others are installed into the pool’s return line, and others can be mounted to the side of the pool. Though each style has its good and bad points, many pool owners like the lights that hook over the top of the pool because there is no drilling required. Also, these lights can be moved as necessary.

While some purely functional illumination is necessary for safety, the addition of colored lights gives a pool a lovely, dreamy glow. Some have colored lenses that snap into place, while others have a rotating color wheel to gradually change the light colors.

101 Perfect Backyard Pool Designs We Just Can’t Stop Staring At

Remodeling your swimming pool can make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of your home and yard. There are lots of ways to renovate, remodel and re-create your backyard swimming pool, from simple additions to a more elaborate remodeling project.

You can add a spa or color-changing lighting, resurface your interior with a lasting color quartz finish, bring in automation with easy digital controls, or enjoy the ultimate in gentle, fuss-free purification.

A backyard pool can create the perfect outdoor setting. Water features such as streams, waterfalls, fountains, water gardens or even pondswith aquatic plants and fish add beauty and enjoyment to the pools. There are many Cosmetic features also like glass blocks, negative edges, tile inlays, fiber optic lighting, and colored plaster and aggregate.

Add another dimension to your pool with many decking options. Special concrete coatings, tile, slate, or brick can make your pool an extension of your home’s existing architecture. Multi-level decks are also an option and offer locations for picnic tables, patio furniture, or planters. Patio furniture and lounges serve as quiet places to relax, and you can add an element of fun with pool toys and pool accessories.

101 Outstanding Patio Seating Options For Your Outdoor Space

There are numbers of new designs and materials to select from, while buying the new outdoor patio furniture for your home. The price of outdoor patio furniture varies depending on the style and material of the furniture. You can easily buy one of them in your budget according to your home needs and requirements. Most of the people are thinking about to buy the new patio furniture for their homes to make their outdoor seating comfortable. If you are also one of them then I suggest to get the latest and best outdoor furniture designs at very low prices.

You will also come to know about new and creative patio seating ideas for your home. You will surely get help in making your outdoor patio-seating better and comfortable by reading about these new patio-seating ideas. In this article, you will read about some of the useful creative patio seating ideas, which is given below. The best patio-seating idea is to consider the climate of the place where you are living and select the patio furniture according to it. Another thing that you need to consider is the use of outdoor furniture at your home, how often your outdoor furniture will be used, and for what purpose, whether you are going to use it for dining or you want it just for comfortable and relaxed seating.

You must select the patio furniture, according to your outdoor surroundings and decor, that looks great and gives a consistent and attractive look. You must buy the comfortable furniture for outdoor seating and must keep in mind that if you have comfortable and relaxing outdoor patio furniture at your home then your friends and family would more like to visit your home and enjoy the patio seating. You must know that outdoor patio seating is necessary to keep balance in our busy lives. So, one of the best patio seating ideas is to use comfortable folding chairs that are available in many different styles and materials these days.

You can select and buy your desired folding chairs at very reasonable prices. You are well familiar of some of the best and creative patio seating ideas by reading all above. You will get many other classic and traditional patio seating ideas by exploring.

56 Gorgeous Outdoor Decor Items Perfect For Spring and Summer

With the summer season at its peak, you must be looking for usable and interesting outdoor furniture. While choosing outdoor furniture, there are three primary factors that must be kept in mind. These factors include comfort, style and color. No doubt these factors are primary, but there are several other factors that must also be considered when buying outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is subject to harsh climatic conditions like heat, rain and temperature gradients. Besides that, space is a major constraint when looking at outdoor arrangements. You may have encountered a wonderful 5-seater outdoor arrangement, but you could not buy it because your balcony does not have the space for it. In the times when space is continuously crunching and outer spaces are going from minimal to none, it is difficult to fit in lavish outdoor arrangements in the spaces available. Endurance, portability, durability and size, therefore, are crucial factors that must also be considered while looking for outdoor set options. If you have faced these issues, then there are excellent options available for you, as well.

The latest outdoor sets include multiple seat arrangements with round center tables. The sets are available in 3-seat and 4-seat options with varying seat sizes. The size of the seat would, obviously, depend on the table style and girth. Epoxy coated aluminum is the material used for construction of frames. However, for the weaves, UV treated polypropylene is often used. The use of these materials is primarily guided by the intent of providing highest endurance levels.

The new tables have glass tops that are 10 mm thick. Moreover, the fabric used for the seat cushions is usually polyester, which is resistant to UV rays and moisture. This increases the endurance levels of the furniture manifold. Today’s outdoor sets are available in earthy colors, which sure will complement the green backyards of your garden and the blue waters of your swimming pool equally.

In a nutshell, the design of today’s outdoor set is sleek and shall not take you too much away from the comforts of your living room. You can decorate the center table with flowers and candles and you are right there. So, in a way, your home outdoors will just be an extension of your home interiors in terms of style, color and theme. If outdoors are fascinating to you, but you are unable to spend your time there because of lack of good seating options, you have cool options available. So, you can actually enjoy the sun while it is there.

101 Creative DIY Backyard Seating Area Ideas On A Budget

Summer days and nights are great for enjoying the outdoors. The best way to enjoy the summer is by using your outdoor seating area in your garden. Whether it is in the back or front yard, your garden will always look wonderful with a comfortable seating area. Part of the fun is to be part of nature and enjoying it in a comfortable area.

Whether you have old chairs, new chairs, white or black, it should always be comfortable. If you don’t have a lot of chairs that are the same design, you can mix and match the ones you have to create an eclectic theme. Choose weatherproof furniture to create a welcoming outdoor seating area that can withstand the weather. You can add an amazing outdoor kitchen which incorporates the sink and a braai area. Enhance your outdoor experience by using different kinds of materials and fabrics to create a place of tranquility and peace. Together with this, an all-white crisp, clean and cool seating area can create the power of serenity in your garden.