101 Most Inspiring DIY Valentines Wreath Decoration Ideas

Flowers come in exotic colors and fragrances and leave their impression through all seasons. They stand tall as anniversary gifts, proposal accessories and even for funeral commiseration. It is however, important to present flowers with subtlety. Yes, they make a distinctive impression in bouquet-form, but they gain an exalted status when woven in circular front door wreaths.

It really tests your creative skills in making a suggestive presentation of flowers. You have to select them with wisdom and sometimes, even import them from different quarters of this globe. Rose, lily and tulips are safe bets; but you have to be equally adept in treating the lovely bougainvillea and exotic orchids. You have to keep the flavors of the seasons (spring, summer and autumn) intact and adorn the unique blossoms in specially carved wreaths. A good choice of flowers is a significant step in presenting carnations.

Appealing through flowers
When you consider flowers, you have to assume places where they appeal the most. There is nothing more heart-winning than arriving at someone’s place and finding an extensive front door wreath welcoming you. This verily applies to the numerous festivals and even occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Wreaths can be prepared with different materials; metal foils; polymer and even seashells. You can also make use of freshening sprayers to increase the longevity of wreathes. You can move on from doors to hangars and table stands for placing your well-chosen wreaths.

101 Cool Mediterranean Swimming Pool Designs Out Of Your Dream

It’s 40 degrees outside and you’re already onto your second icy-pole of the day. The kids are miserable and starting to fight and you can’t send them outside because the outdoor tiles are too hot for them to walk on. You can’t see how you’ll get through the rest of summer like this, until it hits you – you’ll put in a pool! Oh the pleasure you see before you, soaking all day in the cool water, the kids playing happily, neighbours popping in for dips… but where to start? There are several decisions to be made when you decide to add a pool to your home, so here are 5 tips to get you started…

Above or Below
One of the first decisions you need to make is whether or not your pool is going to be built-in or above-ground. This has a lot to do with price-it’s more expensive to have your backyard dug up-as well as space. If your backyard is sloping, you could consider a half/half option to save on money, by digging part of the way into the slope and wedging the above-ground pool into position. You could then build a wooden deck around the remaining area, making it appear built-in.

There are so many shapes to choose from when it comes to backyard pools that it’s a good idea to figure out exactly how you’re going to use your pool before you check out the range. Will you use it for exercise, mainly doing a few laps before work? Will it be mainly for the kids to play in? Do you plan on having big pool parties? Once you figure out how you’ll be using you pool you can get a better idea of which shapes best suit your needs.

How about an add-on spa area for the adults? A waterfall? What about a rock-garden or fountain? There are so many ways you can accessorise your swimming pool, and turn it into a work of art. When you’re choosing your pool, you may not be able to afford these add-ons at that moment, but consider choosing a shape and design that will allow for them later down the track!

101 Gorgeous Porch Decoration Ideas For Valentines Day

How to avoid costly mistakes in sending your loved ones flowers for valentines.
We all know that every year around the holidays there are certain traditions that just seem to happen every time. Some of these are personnel traditions others have turned into corporate traditions. With Valentines day coming up we all know the tradition that local flower delivery companies will be playing on us. It’s called the supply and demand price hike.There are other less kind names for this plan but we’ll keep it clean here.

So in an effort to help all those romantics out there or those who are just trying to keep the peace with there loved ones let’s look at some things to consider before whipping out the credit card and sending those dozen roses across town to surprise your special someone.

Where can I find a cheap valentines day flower delivery service? I would like to send some flowers or little gifts for friends on Valentine’s Day. However, I’m on a budget right now.This is a common concern and don’t worry we are here to help. Here are some steps to find the best deal on valentines day flowers.

First for those that are truly on a shoestring budget a couple of our readers actually gave similar responses. Get the flowers at Wal-Mart and either stick then onto there porch or get a kid and pay him 5$ to deliver them. This can work but you must strike early at the big box stores because it’s just so easy to go in for some gum or toothpaste and remember crap it’s Valentines Day I better get some flowers or I’m dead. All too often this is how we guys make it through the supposed to be more caring days of the year. Since you are not the only one who goes into these box stores it’s a good idea to go quickly early in the morning. Now onto those who would like to spend a little more cash to get your prizes.

101 Most Inspiring Rustic Exterior Ideas For Your Home

Mountain laurel and rhododendron are members of the Heath family, related to roses and azaleas, that thrive in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina. These trees are often found growing together in dense thickets. In the springtime, rhododendrons bloom with clusters of pink, white and sometimes purple blossoms. Mountain laurel flowers grow together in dense clumps of white. When these flowers loosen their grip, they fall to the forest floor creating a wonderful white carpet of petals. Both trees are evergreens with dark green, glossy leaves. Rhododendron leaves are generally larger and more elongated than mountain laurel.

Mountain laurel and rhododendron often fall victim to the process of clearing and preparing a home site. These trees are generally burned as waste. Reuse of these branches prevents them from being wasted in a bonfire and instead brings their rustic beauty into your home. The natural characteristics of these twisted limbs are a perfect complement to a rustic residence. Skilled craftsmen can assemble these branches through complex joinery into dazzling arrangements of rustic beauty.

The branches of mountain laurel and rhododendron trees are well-suited for use as a handrail or decorative screen. When used in a handrail, smaller diameter branches of less than 1.5 inches are preferred. The tops and bottoms of the branches are easily ‘sandwiched’ between two pieces of lumber for easy installation. Rustic handrails that are assembled on site by skilled craftsmen look as if they have grown in place. Pre-assembled handrail sections can be manufactured to length for delivery to your location. Thicker branches can serve as posts to support the rustic handrail to increase its beauty and complexity.

Mountain laurel or rhododendron branches larger in diameter than those used in handrails are available for use in exterior structures, pergolas, gazebos, bridge guardrails and plenty more. A rustic outdoor gazebo could have natural trunks for the walls and roof framing, smaller branches for privacy screens and even have furniture made with branches.

101 Stunning Small Backyard Design Ideas On A Budget

Don’t despair if you don’t have a backyard that can be converted into a tennis court; a small backyard can be a cozy and charming place for you and your family. It might be really exciting to dream about a large garden and an outdoor pool, but keep in mind that an area like that would have its downside as well. Just think about how much time you would need to clean and maintain the place. And if you can’t do that yourself, think about how much money you would need to spend to hire people to do the job. It might actually be a blessing in disguise that you only have a smaller space as that would require low maintenance. And with so many creative and innovative ideas these days, that small backyard can turn out to be one of the family’s most favorite places one of these days.

When you have a small backyard, maximize what you have. You may choose to install a decorative fence to create a comfortable atmosphere. If you love plants, make sure you don’t select bushes as they are bulky and could take a lot of space. Avoid choosing different plants and stick to the dwarf varieties. You don’t want to overcrowd a small area when your main objective is to actually create more space, or give an impression of a larger backyard. Keep the designs as simple as possible. If you want flowers, don’t experiment and be tempted to dump the place with flowers of different colors. Avoid visual clutter by selecting a single dominant color in varying shades. The same concept applies to your choice of outdoor furniture; select a one color and ensure they are made from the same kind of material as well. If you prefer wood, go with wood all throughout. If you prefer metal or iron, then stick with it for the rest of the furniture and outdoor fixtures.

Other backyard ideas would include trellises and archways as choices for a wonderful entrance. If you wish to utilize the small space for different purposes and functions like entertainment or play area, this is still possible as long as you organize them in separate areas so you create spaces in between. Do not overwhelm the area by placing them close together. Also, it is not a good idea to install permanent fixtures in your small backyard. Do not fix the furniture on the ground and opt for flowerbeds or plants in pots instead. This way, you will always have the leeway to rearrange everything or to store them temporarily every time you need your backyard for other purposes like as a venue for a small gathering, family events, or parties.

Transforming your small backyard into something wonderful and functional would only require some good imagination. You can also look for ideas and inspirations from magazines and online resources. Do not limit your creativity just because you have a limited space. You can have an outdoor space that will be the envy of your neighbors if you take the time do a bit of research and consult the experts.

101 Attractive Winter Porch Decoration Ideas You Must Try

Christmas is one season that is so much fun for people who love to decorate their home. The inside of many homes are festively arrayed with colorful ribbons, garlands of fresh evergreen, sprigs of holly and candles. Home exteriors and yards are also treated to some decorating magic. If you are on a budget this year this article has some helpful suggestions that can show you how to decorate with some easy outdoor Christmas decorations without going broke.

Many people have more stress during the holiday season.. Preparing for the arrival of family and other out of town guests can take a toll on you. With so much to worry about, your Christmas decorations shouldn’t be one of them. There are several cost efficient ways to decorate the exterior of your home without spending a bundle.