101 Astonishing Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas For Winter

Outdoor fire pits are quickly becoming the gathering spot for family and friends on patios, decks and other backyard areas. They also are heating up at a variety of other social gathering places, such as taverns, restaurants, and hotels. In addition to being a great way to stay warm and have fun, outdoor fire pits are perfect when you’re looking for that feel of unwinding around a campfire with someone you like being with, and doing it any day you want in the comfort of your own backyard or apartment deck.

Outdoor fire pits have many more uses and benefits than what you may think. The quality of human interaction definitely magnifies. There is something about the warm glow of a fire that attracts and relaxes people. Truly, it creates a whole different dimension to your favorite outdoor space.

With a well-made fire pit, you don’t have to close off your backyard, patio or deck and stay indoors during the winter. Gathering for warmth around a healthy fire outside on a winter evening is a unique experience all of its own.

You can use wood burning fire pits for cooking. Not only is this fun and something different to do, it may prove quite beneficial during power outages and other situations when the stove and microwave can’t be used.

101 Fascinating Small Pool Backyard Designs Ideas To Inspire You

Wanting a tropical paradise in your back yard is not crazy, it’s fabulous. One can only imagine that the only homes capable of such are those in Beverly Hills or Hollywood. Extravagant mansions with matching pools and outdoor kitchens complete with waterfalls and outdoor fireplaces are the ultimate envy of any neighborhood, no matter where you live.

This wonderful backyard bliss is possible in Arizona. Pool designs bring the fantasy of your imagination to reality with custom made pools and landscaping coveted by golf courses and fancy hotels. This of course is a great investment. There are some investments that pay off in the long run.

Outdoor kitchens and barbeques are wonderful assets to your home and all the wear and tear you’re saving your indoor kitchen when guests arrive is worth time and effort of cooking outdoors. If you already have a swimming pool, constantly having guests and children run in and out of your home can ruin flooring and rugs. Not to mention the air condition costs you will save by not heating up your home.

Another set of good investments that will beautify your home is putting in greens and artificial lawns. This will definitely be something that pays off right away along with desert landscaping. Saving water and energy costs every year add up to a hefty amount. If you already own a pool or are interested in installing one you can roll over that water used for watering the lawn to fill your pool. If you feel pools aren’t for you, splash pads can help water your plans while your children enjoy a refreshing activity. Splash pads are like playgrounds with geyser style shoots of water like a water park in your yard.

101 Gorgeous Front Porch Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween season is less than two months away and it’s time to start preparing for the festivities. If you really want to make the most out of this Halloween season, start with the house decorations both inside and out! There are a few different directions you could go in.

Pumpkin carvings on the front porch are always a classic. Not to mention sitting down and doing the carving yourself is a blast. Most people will also appreciate a well-carved pumpkin and you’ll probably receive some compliments along the way.

You could cover the front of your porch with spider web-like thread along with a witch or even a werewolf sitting out front. Dim the lights out front to give it a real Halloween feeling. Smoke machines out front are always fun. Some smoke machines come complete with an audio player. Each time someone takes a step on your front porch the smoke will disperse and the audio player will play.

While these are all great ideas, you can have just as much fun if you make yourself part of the Halloween festivities. Take pride in sitting outside your home to pass out candy. Even if you decide not to set up decorations outside your home, you can still dress up yourself.

If you have children, be sure to let them join in on the fun. Sit outside and pass out candy while they look adorable in their own Halloween costumes. After you finish passing out candy, you can take them out around the neighborhood to stock up on sweets!

101 Frightful Halloween Decoration Ideas For Outdoor

A lot of people enjoy going to Halloween parties. During this time of the year, we get to dress up and wear weird costumes that we do not usually wear everyday. Halloween decorations such as spider webs, tombstones, ghoulish figures, pumpkins and bats are scattered inside and outside our houses, so as to create a really spooky atmosphere.

If you are thinking of transforming your house into a haunted house this October 31st, you might want to know some tips on how to successfully do the job. Everything should not be too expensive. As long as you know how and where to look for resources and materials, your pockets would remain safe and secure.

Let me start by suggesting a few Halloween outdoor decorations. If you have a lawn or a front yard, it is best to put up at least a couple of tombstones to welcome your guests. You could use one of those big boxes you can get from grocery stores or used cardboard pieces from your children’s school projects the previous years. You could then use crayons or pens to write the epitaph and make up the deceased’s personal information.

Next, place big and small pumpkins all over your porch and yard. Using spray paint, you could draw eyes and creepy mouths on the pumpkins. You could also draw other styles of intricate patterns. If you have carved pumpkins available, you could light up a candle and put it inside to give off a spooky-looking light.