101 Modern Gym Room Ideas For Small Spaces To Try Asap

We all tend to think that exercise equipment is hard to fit in a small space; maybe we are all looking for excuses to avoid exercising, or we all tend to think that indeed, the equipment available today is way too bulky and space consuming. If you are one of those space challenged people, you need to know that exercise equipment for small spaces does exist, in all sizes, shapes and prices. Most of us do not have the option to buy an entire gym that could take up the whole room, but we do have the chance to purchase small pieces that fit under our bed, in a closet or in any storage space.

Folding exercise equipment for small spaces is a great option; resistance bands as well. This type of equipment is ideal for small apartments because it can be packed in a bag, and it can even accompany you to your trips. You can attach them to a door, or work out while standing on them.

Free weights are also a great option; you can stick them under the bed or in an armoire and everywhere you might have some space. Weights can offer you many different options in working out, because you can combine aerobic with cardio exercises, just increasing your speed and weight routine.

Steppers are also great exercise equipment for small spaces, because they take minimum space – not more than 3sq feet actually – and can be placed anywhere when you are done using it. Stepper is great exercise, recommended by all trainers and physicians anyway. Same with lateral thigh trainer, which is both useful and very space saving option.

101 Top Home Interior Design Ideas With Very Amazing Wood Floor

Are you considering putting hardwood floors into your home? If you are then you already know that there is nothing like the look of a wood floor.

It will add class to your room and improve the value of your house. But what kind of wood floors should you buy? Read this article and get advice about whether or not to buy prefinished wood floors.

Prefinished wood floors are stained and finished at the factory. They have a number of advantages and disadvantages to traditionally installed wood floors. For example, because they are finished elsewhere you do not have to deal with toxic fumes and sanding dust. Another advantage is that the finish is applied under controlled conditions which means that you do not have to worry about dust or other contaminants ending up in the finish. Lastly you have the cost difference. Because it cuts down on the labor they are much more inexpensive to install. They do have some disadvantages however. For example, you are more likely to have a less smooth finish since the edges of each board will have a slight bevel. If you are a perfectionist you might not like this. You will also be limited on the color selection since you have to choose what the manufacturer offers. With traditional wood floors the sky is the limit. you can get just about any finish that you want.

As you can see from this article there are many advantages and disadvantages to prefinished wood floors. If the benefits outweigh the disadvantages in your mind though they can make an excellent flooring choice. Good luck with whatever you decide.

101 Wonderful Staircase Design Ideas To Beautify Your Interior

Designing a staircase that meets state and local building codes requirements is challenging at times, especially when the customer insists on a particular “look”. This is when the builder’s expertise comes into play. Most customers have “unique” ideas as to the design of their staircase. Many offer pictures from magazines of a staircase that was built many years ago, before building codes were enforced. Designing a stair with these ideas can present problems with code compliance. A Non-Compliant staircase is an unsafe staircase.

Experienced stair builders with a full knowledge of the stair codes can usually adapt the customer’s design ideas into a safe code compliant stair. If this is not possible, the smart stair builder will walk away.

Building codes were established for the safety and protection of the public. Codes regulating stairway construction have made some changes over the years and have improved in practicality. The Stairway Manufacturer’s Association (SMA) is an organization dedicated to improving stair safety and maintaining a higher standard of stair construction. The SMA and its members have played a major role in research and testing; resulting in code changes that have drastically improved stair safety.

Through the efforts of the SMA, we have a better understanding of code applications and how we can integrate safety through code compliant design. We have conducted a number of studies such as Handrails Used by Persons with Disabilities and Understanding Graspability for example.

101 Elegant Fireplace Decor Ideas For This Valentines Day

A ventless fireplace can go anywhere in your home. You can move it from room to room. But, you can also leave it in one place and put others around your home in other locations. If you choose to keep your ventless fireplaces in a location, there are some really great decorating ideas you can use to dress them up just like traditional wood burning fireplaces.

Use large mirrors over the fireplace. They reflect the light from the room. They make the room look larger than what it actually is. If you live in a small apartment, that’s a great technique to use.

Ventless fireplaces have a base. But, you can build a hearth. Raise the fireplace up a foot or two and give the hearth a beautiful design.

You can build the fireplace into the wall. There are several different ways to make that happen. The first is to cut into the wall and set it back between the studs. The other is to build the wall out to be flush with the unit. Either way, you can create a faux stone or faux wood finish on the wall in any design you wish. Extend the finish out to the corners, or just highlight the fireplace.

101 Enchanting Backdrop For Valentines Day Photo Booth

A photo booth can be a good business option because it has a great scope of making money with a minimal amount of effort. An average photographer in the US makes around $900 for a day’s work and these numbers speak for themselves. Thus below we are going to give you a few important tips that can help you in starting your own photo booth.

Choose a style for your photo booth
You must obviously choose a style for your booth and a one you are the most comfortable with. There should be enough space for transportation, storage and budget. The common types of photo booth are studio style booths and booth towers. Always take these two types of booths into consideration while arriving at a decision.

Always go for a proper software
This means that you must never compromise with the quality of software you opt for. You have to find and acquire the software that has a proper green screen as well as touch screen. These are extremely important characteristics. This will any time ensure that there is a very smooth transition for photos from your camera to the printer. The quality of software can determine the success of your photo booth. Thus make sure you are spot on.

Gather extra quantity of ink and paper
Ink and photo paper are very important for your photo booth. This is because if you run out of these supplies during your job, your flow will be hindered. Thus stock up as much as possible but always remember to not cross the budget.

101 Latest Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas With Beautiful Flower

Love decorates the mood every February 14 and the Valentine’s Day decorations speak the heart for you ! So all you have to do this Valentine’s Day is to make the ambiance irresistibly romantic and set the decorations warm, snug and love-ly. Whether it be a Valentine’s Day party or just a cozy dinner date with your beloved, the Valentine’s Day decorations are not to be ignored. The decorations, of course, help you get into the feel of the day and set the ball rolling. Valentine’s Day decorations can be done with flowers, ribbons, candies or just with paper and cloth. No matter which way you do it, the decorations for Valentine’s Day should just be perfect and help set the stage for a memorable celebration. So if you need a little help on how to kick off the Valentine’s Day decorations, read on.

The first thing that should be kept in mind before laying your hands on Valentine’s Day decorations is that red or shades of red is the color to go for. So make sure you have lots of red, crimson or pink around. The flowers, curtains, bed-spreads, table-spreads, carpets, balloons, and even cutlery and other decorative pieces can be in red just because it’s Valentine’s Day. With so much of red around, all the blues are sure to disappear soon only to leave you with a rosy feeling of love, luck and joy ! Now for some romance and mystery–fill water into big glass bowls and float a few heart shaped candles in them. You can also strew rose petals around the candles to couple up the warm glow of the candles with the sweet aroma of roses. These make wonderful Valentine’s Day decorations if placed on the centre table or next to the bed or better still on the dinner table. Now if you are a little tight on budget, then this Valentine’s Day decoration idea is just the thing for you. Many flowers are damaged while shipping and florists often sell the petals at really low rates. So you can buy lots of these petals and leave them carelessly around the home–maybe near the bath tub or at the doorway. Or you can just make a trail from the door to the bedroom for your valentine to walk on when he/ she returns home. Isn’t that good for a simple and affordable Valentine’s Day decoration?