101 Affordable Traditional Lighting Design Ideas You Must Try

Whether starting from scratch or working with existing furnishings, the following design tips will assist in creating the captivating and stylish living or family room that you envision. If you are unsure of the look you want to achieve or just need some inspiration, look at magazines, watch home design shows on TV, visit the show rooms of new homes, or hire an interior designer. When assembling all the various pieces and layers of a room, fundamental concerns to keep in mind are style, scale, hierarchy, color, and details.

Style: In broad terms, style is generally described in terms of Modern, Contemporary, Transitional, Traditional, or Eclectic. Yet, more descriptive definitions include the choice of a theme such as Traditional Georgian, Modern 60’s Retro, Contemporary Coastal, and so on. Keeping a consistent style in a room can make a strong statement about that particular style. On the other hand, mixing styles can add an interesting complexity to a room. Decide on a Style and Theme early in the design process so that you have a strong direction.

Scale: Whether furnishings are large and massive or small and petite, the entire ensemble should appear proportional, balanced, and harmonious. Typically, large bulky furnishings should have bold accents and accessories. If a room is small, very large furnishings can make a room look smaller. However, a few larger pieces are better than numerous smaller pieces. Conversely, small furnishings can become lost in a large room, especially one with high ceilings.

One design solution to address spaces with high ceilings is to use long drapes. This helps to define the scale of the room and can create a spectacular impression. If ceilings are low, stick with furniture that is lower in height to avoid making the ceiling look lower. To make a room look bigger, use mirrors. They give an illusion of more space.

101 Awesome Coastal Living Room Decoration Ideas You Must Try

Coastal style is increasingly becoming more popular than ever because of its versatility. It also has a casual savoir faire feel that will delight home owners. You can add some furnishings that can reflect a coastal theme and will not even possess one definitive style per se. The coastal living room furniture is quite distinctive because of its relaxed profiles. Your home can contain lighter or more exotic finishes. You can even equip it with louvered accents and fabrics, amazing couch pillows to echo a marine life or perhaps a day spent by the beach. It can be inspired by the lifestyles and objects that are linked with the different coastal areas found throughout the world.

You can begin by choosing a coast. You have to know that each one has its own unique flavor and reflecting a particular region and its social trends. A good suggestion would be to focus on only one coast for the room’s interior design. This will greatly play an important role in choosing the color palette. Some good colors would be misty whites, moody grays, marine blues, sandy neutrals and sunshine yellows. Another good color would be the paint-washed blues.

Spend a day by the beach and appreciate the vibrant colors. From this, you can decide on the colors for your home. Choose fabrics that can make you reminisce of the skies, sun, tropical fish, sand, shells and coral reefs. You can choose rich earth tones of fabric or even ones that have vibrant colors.

Your furniture designs will not give you much of a hassle. You can make use of organic materials like the rattan, wicker, and ceramic tiles. You can also make use of art deco mirrors. Choose a mirror that is framed with shells so it will compliment the room. You can even put in a coffee table that has a mystic white color and add in a plant too. Make sure your couch pillows can blend well too.

101 Wonderful Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room Design

There is nothing grander than the sound of scampering feet running down the hallway, screaming with smiles as they appear around the corner. The reflection of the glimmering lights and wrapped up toys in their wide eyes as they rush over to inspect the many wonders under the tree and around the room.

The rustling papers as they tear open the beautiful wrapped presents with bows and ribbons. The screams of enjoyment as they admire their gift, only to dive back under the tree to look for that next one with their name on it. The magic that fills the room as you hear over and over “Thank you Santa!” This is another one of many reasons why I look forward to that one month in the year called December.

Now it was almost Christmas and almost time for a few days off. We weren’t going far this time. The plan was to head out and visit Ellie’s family for a few days before Christmas and to complete some paperwork before the holidays. This I loved to do, for we would get points on our credit card which would pay for three nights at the Westin Hotel at the Bear Mountain Resort. I would sit in the hot tub with my computer plugged in, sitting on a chair and with a wireless keyboard, mouse I would do paperwork for five hours every morning while Ellie and the girls slept. I would order breakfast, coffee and spend my time finishing up work.

Then in the afternoons, we would all go down town to the many wonderful Christmas theme landscapes. Ellie’s family home was the one place we always loved and made sure that we would visit at least a few times a year for they were always happy to see how fast the girls were growing, and hear about our holidays and success. The kids would drink eggnog while the parents had a little something extra with there’s for the cheer. We would feast on cookies, nuts, chocolates and any other good treat that was brought by while laughing about each others story’s over the year.

101 Inspiring Winter Living Room Decor Ideas You Should Try

Fall is a wonderful time of year. For many of us it means the cold winter is coming so really, it is the last months to enjoy the weather before the snow and cold set in.

For many people, the fall and winter months can be a gloomy time, simply because of the darker days and nights and the lack of sun. This year, why not do some redecorating in your home that can make it a place you will enjoy each and every day?

Let’s start with the living room. Other than our bedrooms for sleeping, the living room is not only the place you spend the most time but also the place you always want to look clean, beautiful and in tip top shape for those unexpected guests or Holiday parties you may have coming up. Lets face it, we know it always makes us happy and brings a little smile on our face when we get something new or can create a whole new look in our home that brings a welcome change right?

Have you ever thought about an indoor waterfall? Not only will it add beauty to your living areas, it will also bring nature indoors with the soothing sounds of water. You have many options when it comes to water fountains in your home. For example, you could add a small tabletop for a whole new look to an end table, a wall fountain instantly adds a new art piece to your walls, or a floor standing fountain can fit perfectly in that corner that looks like it needs something.

101 Gorgeous Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas For Winter

There is no absolute prototype for a farmhouse, but most of us can recognize one when we see it. By definition the originals were located on farms and were integral to the life and work of those farm families who lived there.

Depending on when and where those homes were built, they could be made of stone, brick, shingles or clapboard. Most farmhouses had porches since there was no air conditioning and many farm and family chores were undertaken there. The porch roof provided shelter from the sun and rain yet allowed the cool breezes to flow through and help make those steamy summers tolerable.

The center of family life in the farmhouse was the kitchen. Meals were prepared and often eaten there as well as home pickling and canning for the long winters (in the North). In the older farmhouses, a cooking fireplace was essential. Additional fireplaces were used to heat as many rooms as possible.

I live in an old farmhouse originally built around 1790 and then added onto in the 1800s and more recently added onto by my family. I have come to appreciate the simple detailing the wide board floors and beautiful fireplaces.

101 Best Halloween Living Room Decor Ideas That You Can Try

Fancy a night in with a bloke boasting a bolt through his head? What about the following evening with a lady sporting a fearsome set of fangs?

It’s easy to host your own horror Hell nowadays thanks to some fantastic and fearsome Halloween outfits around. But it’s not just the fancy dress costumes that make the evening eventful.

It’s also possible to appear to sip globules of blood from a glass or sadistically saw through the odd limb or two thanks to a wonderful array of gimmicks you can buy online or at your local fancy dress costume shop where you are sure to get a great gory Costume for Halloween.

Recreate the infamous Count Dracula in all his gruesome glory and have your guests massaging their necks with fear. Bram Stroker’s infamous character who landed in Whitby in 1987 is probably the most notorious of horror merchants. Those piercing, hypnotic eyes, striking masculine good looks and let’s face it – teeth that are sharper than a cheese cutter (well, they’d have to be to make their mark on white, virgin, female flesh) – are enough to make females faint in anticipation of a kiss to remember for eternity. Well, there’s a lot at stake…

101 Fabulous Small Living Room Design On A Budget

While everyone has certainly fantasised at some point about living in a Surrey mansion, the reality is that the majority of people have limited living space to make use of. Small living rooms are common in many types of studio and other apartments. For the millions of 20-something college students and 30-something couples that have found small housing in big cities, every square-inch of space needs to be maximized.

Although the knee-jerk reaction is to be turned off or inconvenienced by a small space, it isn’t so much about the size of the living room, but rather how it is utilised. Foolish design and placement of furniture can make a large room clunky and uncomfortable in the same way that innovative design and creative placement of furniture can make a small room very efficient and comfortable.